The Road to Sixty – Day 80

The Road to Sixty – Day 80

These two…

I have written about them before, but it is worth writing about them again. 

My uncle Ernest came up today to see Mom (his sister).  It had been close to a year since they had seen each other. So with Mom in rehab, he had to come and “cheer her up”!

She had no idea about him coming and when he walked in the door, you could see her light up in her own special way. At 90 and 87 years of age it is extremely touching when family members unite when miles separate them. I was so glad that my cousins Gerald and Ernestine and her husband Paul brought him up today.

The one thing I have always enjoyed about seeing the two of them is the way they talk to each other. It is almost like they drift back to the 40’s and 50’s in that rural town of Munford, Al and the big city of Talladega. 

He reminds Mom quite often about the time that she hit him in the head with hair brush. They talk about the time that Mom and Dad got married and the FOUR of them went on the honeymoon together. “How do you get to Gulf Shores?”  “turn right at Foley!”

I could sit and listen to the stories over and over.

I know that leaving today was hard for my Uncle Ernest…You see it was one year ago today we lost his wife (Aunt Daisy). But I was glad they were here to spend this time together. 

I love the family that surrounds me, but I love the family that has led me to who I am today!

Thanks Uncle Ernest!

Till tomorrow…

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