The Road to Sixty – Day 81

The Road to Sixty – Day 81

Sometimes you just need to laugh…

Our granddaughter was here for a few days and she is at that age where she doing the things like crawling, squealing like a pterodactyl and is now on the mission of life. 

There are those moments you just need to laugh…

Like when you wake up and you have the greatest bed hair.

When one of your youth group members continues to tell “Old Jokes”

The other youth group member cracks the “short” joke!

You visit your mother and she looks at you and reminds you “I’m still in charge” and then she laughs. 

Your 10 year old great-nephew is doing some kind of dance that was either invented by a monkey or one of the latest Fortnite craze. 

Someone once wrote that “Laughter is the Best Medicine”  I believe it. 

I don’t care if it is a chuckle, a spitter, a silent heaver or the loudest belly laugh. You feel better because of it. 

So tell that cow joke… What do you call a cow that just had a calf?  Decaffeinated!

Laugh…have fun…Spread joy…enjoy !

Till tomorrow…

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