The Road to Sixty – Day 86

The Road to Sixty – Day 86

Sometimes they know just what you need…

So while sitting with Mom Saturday, I received a Facetime call from Doug Patterson who works with our Youth Group at Spring Meadows. They had just been to the Banana Pudding Festival in Centerville TN. I was looking forward to that trip, but just couldn’t make it. 

They had just returned to the building when I got the call, and there they were…The youth group all huddled together and then they broke out in song…

Praise God from whom all blessings flow…

I turned the volume up on my computer hoping Mom would hear it. Of course, Mrs. Pam and I were in tears. The love this group has for ANY one is awesome. 

It helped comfort my night.

We worshipped with our church family at Spring Meadows today…

I like others will ask the question…what do people do without a church family? I could write a million word expressing what they mean to me and my family. 

But it is not just them…It is around the world, the prayers, the messages, the texts and the calls are more than welcomed and felt in our hearts. 

So another day has passed and while it is not easier, the comfort from friends and family make it bearable.

Till tomorrow…

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