The Road to Sixty – Day 88

The Road to Sixty – Day 88

Rest when you can.

Several have asked for an update with mom. Her health is declining, but she has moments of being “awake”. My sister and I are with her most of the time, but we each take our time for rest.

I take the “night shift” with mom to allow my sister to get the rest she needs. Some ask me when do you sleep. Thankfully, I don’t require much sleep,(just ask the kids at camp) but I rest. When mom “sleeps” I will rest. Sometimes it’s 15 minutes to an hour. 

One of the things I have learned also is to rest when I can. I rest in prayer, in the study of the scripture along with the physical rest I need. 

I rest in the thoughts of knowing there will be eternal rest for my mom. 

Please keep praying, our road may or may not be long. 

I will rest when I can.

Till tomorrow…

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