The Road to Sixty – Day 89

The Road to Sixty – Day 89

A little behind…

I have normally been able to post my days journey pretty early. However, lately it’s been after midnight or early morning before I am able to finish.

Where does the strength come from…how are able to go on these marathons of life? When does it end?

All viable questions, well worth the answers. 

Of course all would believe that we receive strength fro the Lord and from His word! Let me tell you what helps me…

Nearly 30 years ago I made a conscious effort to ask people to pray for me by my name. I found a group of 10 individuals that said they would do this. 

You know what? It worked! 

Knowing every event and opportunity that I was a part of was being prayed over by a group of men and women brought a peaceful feeling. 

Some of those have passed on and new ones…far more than the original 10 continue to lift my name to the Lord.

So I challenge you…find those 10 people that will pray, that will help you grow. That will give you the peace of knowing your name is going before the Lord. 

Till tomorrow…

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