The Road to Sixty – Day 90

The Road to Sixty – Day 90

When they come home…

Today was the funeral of a dear friend. Circumstances did not allow me to be able to go, but it didn’t keep three of my “Jerry’s Kids” from coming and seeing me. 

What a surprise and what joy I felt in my heart when I opened the door and there they were! They came to share their love of my Mom and to give us support. It’s hard to believe that they all have children and teens at that! I just wish I had them all here in our group!

They are successful, brilliant but most important of all…

They are faithful to the Lords church. 

I would have loved to spent hours with them but time would not allow. So I cherished the special moment that we had today.

Part 2

Speaking of “Jerry’s Kids” these two young men came by the hospital today to share some love with me. Well, what they really brought was some milkshakes from Chick-fil-A.

Their Mom told them how sick Mr. Jerry’s mom is and they wanted to cheer me up and that they did…even without the milkshakes!

Thank you to their Mom for being a great example and teaching them how to love!

Till tomorrow…

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