The Road to Sixty – Day 91

The Road to Sixty – Day 91

Four Walls – 

Today has been a day of watching the further decline of Mom. It’s almost like a vigil as my sister and I are now by her side continuously. The hospital and hospice staff have met our every need and are still giving excellent comfort care to Mom…and to us.

While the days might get confusing…(this would be my Friday report but I’m writing on Saturday) and time is not of importance, (day or night) what is going through my mind right now is the number of hours this lady spent up with me and my sister, taking care of our needs, making sure we were okay.

I just want to make sure I’m taking care of Mom’s needs. 

Thank you for the continued prayers, please keep them coming. For strength for us, for the comfort of Mom as we draw closer to her “crossing over Jordan” 

There’s a beautiful place called Heaven, it is hidden above the bright blue,

Where the good who from earth ties are riven, 

Live and love an eternity through. 

Above the bright blue, the beautiful blue.

Jesus is waiting for me and for you.

Heaven is there, not far from our sight.

Beautiful city of light.

Till tomorrow…

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