The Raid to Sixty – Day 92

The Road to Sixty – Day 92

The people you meet…

When you are at the hospital for a number of days you get to meet a lot of people. Nurses, doctors, techs, and if you happen to be in the hallway you will meet other patients. 

One thing that I have become accustomed to is getting to know them. Where they are from, where they went to school, about their family.  

They have all been so generous and kind in all they do. 

It even comes up about their faith. One young man I have met with is (J) I will not tell his name. He came in we got to know each other. We began discussing about our faith and he began to tell me how he was once a believer in God, then went to agnosticism, now believes in God but has many questions about the Bible. “How do I know it is real?” “Are the stories true?” Those questions…

We had and have began a good conversation. No arguing, just good true conversation. 

He came to Moms room on every break, to talk, to discuss.

After a couple of nights of these conversations he is off for a few days.

I have his phone number now and we will text back and forth. 

Before he left, I told him I was proud of him, he didn’t get it at first. 

I told him that you are doing the very thing that Gods’ word has told him to do.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”

So because my Mom is in the hospital, her light still shines and the opportunity to share the Good News is ALL around.

Thanking God for opening doors…

Till tomorrow…

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