The Road to Sixty – Day 98

The Road to Sixty – Day 98


Today we had our service for Mom in Alabama. It was a time to be with the Elder and Bittle families.

We have lost several in the past couple of years. Aunt Daisy, Jerry Michael, Russell, Jeffrey. We have taken a pretty good hit.

I wish you could have heard my cousin Gerald. What a beautiful job he did in honoring Mom. We laughed and cried. The things you do at funerals.

We sang as a family for Momma one last time.

Then as we laid her body in the grave Moms last request was that her brother 90 years old. Ernest pray over her for the family.

“She is in your presence now Lord and if we want to see her again we must live like her”

His prayer was filled with confidence, encouragement, hope and most of all love.

So to the family. PaulAnd Ernestine, Gerald and Joy, Wayne, Sharon, Shane.

Jo Ann, Sonny, Buddy, Jimmy Douglas.

Thank you for being there today.

I know there were other that were many other there in thoughts and prayers.

Thank you to Munford church of Christ for allowing mom to come home and to Anniston Memorial Funeral Home for taking her to her final resting place.

God bless us with a beautiful crimson sky as the sun set this evening. Maybe that was for us.

Thank you God.

Till tomorrow…

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