The Road to Sixty – Day 99

The Road to Sixty – Day 99

Posting this one a day late…

I got up early Saturday Morning at the home place and went down to check on the grave. Just had to make sure every thing was in place. 

I’ll admit the Pine Hill cemetery is always the coldest or dreary place. It had been raining, (thankful it held off on Friday) and was still overcast. There is always about being there…Grandmama and Grandaddy Bittle are there, Aunt Daisy is there, now Mom and Dad. 

The spaces for my family are almost full… while that saddens me,  I know that is the resting place for the body only. I have confidence that heaven has a great reunion for those prepared. 

Leaving the house wasn’t easy at all. I will talk more about it later. I could write a book about it and my feelings. 

After a stop to eat at The Shack BBQ and a visit with my cousin, We made the journey home. That 200 mile journey seemed to take forever. 

I will rest. 

Till tomorrow…

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