The Road to Sixty – Day 104

The Road to Sixty – Day 104

The Quietness…

The kids and grandkids are gone. Lucy the dog is lying in her chair, sometimes with an occasional whimper. 

I don’t have the TV on, there is nothing really to watch.

So I pull out my Bible, read words that give me comfort, joy and peace.

I write…a lot. Some things people will read, some are in my private journals.

I pull out a video, a voice mail, just to hear your voice.

But I don’t really need them.

Your voice is in my heart, I can hear every word, phrase.

I see every mannerism, with the photograph of my memory. 

I am no different than anyone else who has lost a loved one.

I reflect…I cry…I laugh.

I am happy…I am sad.

Sometimes I’m not okay…but I will be.

It’s okay to be quiet…for it is then that I know that God is still with me.

Till tomorrow…

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