The Road to Sixty – Day 105

The Road to Sixty – Day 105

Another one of those things.

Friday was our day! At least for a little while. 

My phone alarm went off at 10:30am with the notification “Mom Beauty Shop”!

I guess that we had that appointment for 8 years, only the last 4 have I been taking her after she gave up driving. I still wanted to get in the car and take her there, but as someone said, “this is the new norm”.

So what to do for those 3 hours that passed by slowly?

I know that the ladies at The Beauty Clinic miss her a lot. Especially Vickie. She took extra special care of mom each week. We then would head to McDonalds and have a fish sandwich and fries and of course Sweet Tea!

Something else will fill that time gap…you can rest assured. It might fill the gap but it will not take the place of some precious time each week spent with Mom. 

Till tomorrow…

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