The Road to Sixty – Day 106

The Road to Sixty – Day 106 –

Trapped in a cave…

Not really, This weekend was the Erupt Youth Rally in McMinnville, TN. It has been going on now for 4 years. It is held in Cumberland Caverns and it is a beautiful venue. We had over 400 to attend this years sessions and outstanding speakers. (Cody Harrington, David Shannon and Kirk Brothers)

I get the opportunity to lead the singing each year and one of my favorite times is what we call “Chandelier Singing”. In the Main Cavern which will seat around 700, they have a chandelier in the top. All of the lights are turned off and the only light is thru the Chandelier. 

No Powerpoint

No songbooks

Just 400 people singing praises to God from their memory.

Old hymns ring out, newer songs echo in that Cavern.

What a day to praise the Lord!

Thanks to my kids from Spring Meadows that made this trip it was a great weekend.

Till tomorrow…

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