The Road to Sixty – Day 110

The Road to Sixty – Day 110

Sometimes a little voice…

I love my chapel times at Spring Meadows Academy! I mean who wouldn’t love being around 180 2-4 year olds for a couple of days a week. 

 But today was a bit different…

As chapel finished up and they were leaving to go to their next class. We were giving High fives and fist bumps and all of a sudden this one young boy wraps his arms around my neck and says to me, “Mr. Jerry, your mommy has gone to heaven, you don’t have to be sad!” 

Taking his big hug and his words all in my heart, I replied to him, “You’re right she is in a beautiful place with Jesus and God right now.”

I received a lot of notes from these little ones, hand prints, printed names everyone sent with love…

I will be keeping these for a while…

Listen to the little voices.

Till tomorrow…

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