The Road to Sixty – Day 112

The Road to Sixty – Day 112


We are with family again…This time it is Pam’s side. Plans have been made for my Father-in-laws funeral. 

My heart hurts…

For my Mother-in-law to see her ache in pain after several years of full-time care, she is suddenly having to find something to do. She will adjust, that’s the type of woman she is…right now she hurts.

I watched the rest of the family as they gather together, always with a hug, always with food. They have laughed and cried. 

They have had that awkward silent moment, when no one knows what to say or to do. maybe a nod of the head will let everyone know that everything will be okay. 

I’m thinking about my wife…I will choose not to write much here, just suffice it to say, I am amazed by her faith and fortitude through this. 

If you see me in person, I will be glad to share a story.

More will come as we complete the plans..

Tonight my heart misses my Father-in-law.

Till tomorrow…

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