The Road to Sixty – Day 114

The Road to Sixty – Day 114

It was a good day…

Today (Sunday)was the visitation for my Father-in-law. It was also the day that all of this side of the family was together. 

Now let me explain a little, The Elder, Bittle side (my side of the family) is small. Not many numerically. 

On the other hand, (the Phelps side) is rather large. We joked when talking about catering a meal they gave us the price for 30 people, saying, “that takes care of one of the family.”

It’s a big family.

That loves each other, they cry together, laugh together and they don’t like to leave each others company.

They can and do…talk for hours.

I don’t know how many came today, all I know is for hours, people came through the door to share their love with my family once again. 

The funeral will be hard, but God is with us, has been ALL the time.

Till tomorrow…

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