The Road to Sixty – Day 117

The Road to Sixty – Day 117

A New Day

Today I woke up and realized that this would be a day to get back to “normal”. Back to ministry, routine…life in general.

As you know I spend time with 2-4 year olds in a chapel setting. They are so full of love. They are studying about kindness this week. I watch them and how they share, support, and help each other.

I have seen the same things happen in an assisted living residence. I have seen these in their 70’s – 90’s being kind to each other. How they help each other, support one another…

What is it that happens in the middle of the ages, when we will hurt, knock down and become self centered?

Is it culture? Family dynamic? Social climate?

I think that Satan turns our hearts. He wants you to forget what it means to be kind. To be loving, to be forgiving.

It’s not that hard…

Everyone has value…a soul.

Have regard for the other person. Follow the golden rule. 

Love God – Love Man

Live the life God expects you to live.

Till tomorrow…

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