The Road to Sixty – Day 123

The Road to Sixty – Day 123


That is a phrase that you never want to utter or hear. 

Today I was working on a project and all of the sudden my computer went out…


No power..

No warning…

No On or off…

It died…

And in my mind….Uh-Oh.

I did the first thing I thought of….Google. (on my phone).

NO help!

Youtube….There are a lot of people who have great ideas and a lot of knowledge.

No help…

Then I decided to do the thing I should have done…Went to the store. 

I was concerned about getting my files…(ones not backed up) also some recent photos.

I was prepared to purchase a new machine, and I did (this one was several years old) and when I asked about getting the files off my dead computer. The man looked at me and asked if I pushed the power button..

Yes, I did…several times. 

The he said did you try a power reset?

Never heard of one. 

He reaches down presses two buttons on my computer, touches the power button and BOOM! It came on!

My Uh-Oh became a thankful moment…

It works! Granted it has somethings that need work, but it has worked long enough for me to get the files I need and to write this days memory!

Till tomorrow…

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