The Road to Sixty – Day 127

The Road to Sixty – Day 127

Just she and I…

Saturday was laid back…no commitments, obligations, have to…

It was weird. 

So I do what I normally do during this time of the year. 

Watch college football. After a few games we were about to eat dinner and Pam said, “I’m gonna go to the other room and watch a Hallmark movie, a new one is on tonight.”  Normally I might have said “okay”.  But tonight was different, I didn’t, care about the game I was watching (Oklahoma-Baylor). I said, “no, i need you to stay in here and we will watch the movie” I’m glad we did. It was a good movie, still with all the typical Hallmark plots. 

I just needed her in the same room. 


We laughed, discussed the movie, guessed the plot, enjoyed the quiet. 

Just she and I. 

It was a good day.

Till tomorrow…

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