The Road to Sixty – Day 129

The Road to Sixty – Day 129

An observance…

So I have been working with young people and children nearly 40 years (if you count the college days) and it seems that the one persistent story is, “the young people are all going down hill!”  

Granted…there are many “outside forces”  that tempt and bring our young people down. 

It has always been that way! Whether you go back 40 – 80 or a thousand years, the temptation to do wrong has been present. 

So, why do we think that young people are SO bad. 

1. When a FEW do bad things, we blame the whole crowd. We sometimes make the mistake of thinking that everything is horrible because of the fault of one or a few. 

2. It has always been that way… Yes. Young people have made mistakes…but so have adults. 

3. I knew they were going to be bad because of the environment they were raised in. Culture can play a part. It is not the defining moment of a persons life. 

4. Pre-determined fault.. “That’s a bad kid. they will never amount to anything!”  

I’m sure you could add to this list of reasons why young people are bad… It could become a great gossip chain. 

Let me tell you why young people are good!

  1. You never hear of the good things they do (feed the poor, help the elderly, go to homeless shelters). They are pretty awesome in giving, WITHOUT expecting praise!
  2. They have genuine hearts…even those that make mistakes can be cut to the heart. They want to do the things that are right and good.
  3. There is not ONE single bad person. Just a person that has done a bad thing.
  4. There is more good being done than bad, maybe we should speak more about the good. “Did you hear about that boy that stole a car?”  “Yes, did you hear about that group of kids that helped out with the Special Olympics?” 
  5. Maybe we should compile the list of GOOD that is taking place.

Oh yes, let me express this one thought…if a child wants to change his/her life to the good…Forgive. Help. Encourage. Be there for them. 

I know a LOT of great young people.

I bet you do too!

Till tomorrow…

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