The Road to Sixty – Day 130

The Road to Sixty – Day 130

Young Guns

Once a month I have the opportunity to meet with a group of youth ministers in the Nashville area for what is called “Soldiers Circle”.  It is a time to support each other and brainstorm about different ideas. 

Tuesday was the first time that I have had the chance to be back in quite a while. It was good to be with these guys. I am the oldest there and to be with those that have passion and fire about the work adds fuel to me and gets me excited!

I also love that these meetings don’t end at the end of the day. We stay in touch. We watch what each other do, encourage and lift one another up. We can also share burdens and stress and pray for one another. 

These young men, (I call them Young Guns) are excited about the work of the church. They want the best for the Lords’ kingdom. I am glad to see that. 

Prayer – discussion – a meal – fellowship… I am glad we have group of young men that are willing to give a portion of a day to this “Old Gun” to build him up!

Love you guys!

Till tomorrow…

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