The Road to Sixty – Day 131

The Road to Sixty – Day 131

Teaching thankfulness…

Today was the Thanksgiving feast at Spring Meadows Academy (our preschool) and what excitement was seen!

The tables were all set for a feast for the children and their parents. Costumes were wore by the children as they walked into their area and sat down with their family. Pilgrims and Indians, carrying maize, and prepping for a feast divine. The turkey (Chick-fil-A) was carved into little nuggets so all could participate. A variety of foods, fruits and vegetables, garnished the table. Oh, how happy the children were! Actually, I don’t know who was happier, the children or the parents! 

My mind drifted back to the thanksgiving program that a little blonde hair girl did some 25 years ago, and I must admit it brought a tear to my eye. The joy that was in that heart then is seen in the eyes of the children today. 

I look forward to seeing my granddaughters doing these same things!

Thankfulness begins in the home, the words “thank you” “please” “your welcome”  are al part of a package that teaches one to be grateful. (yes ma’am and yes sir) go a long way too!

I’m glad we take the time to help teach out children how to be thankful.  We need to extend the time past the season. 

More on thanksgiving later… but today, I’m thankful for this time with these children!

Till tomorrow…

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