The Road to Sixty – Day 132

The Road to Sixty – Day 132

Drive the Bus…

Several years ago, I had the attitude that I had to do everything when it came to planning a youth group trip.  I mean everything. So I would stress about a lot about getting things done. 

One day a friend came by my office and spoke with me. He encouraged me to allow others to do a lot of the work and for me to focus on the ministry.  I asked him what he wanted to do…he said, “I love to drive!”  From that moment on Larry Morrow became the man in charge of all the transportation for the youth group trips.

I don’t know how many miles we went together over the years, very rarely did I have to drive. The tanks were full and drivers were in place. I have no idea how many young people we transported to different events. 

All I know is that I didn’t have to worry about it any longer…

Larry passed away 6 years ago but today is his birthday and I wanted to honor him! The practice continues on with other men that have helped me with transportation. 

I still get to minister to kids!

i sure he would still be driving if he were here and we would have some awesome tales to tell! 

Today I thank God for you being in my life! 

I miss you my brother!

Till tomorrow…

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