The Road to Sixty – Day 133

The Road to Sixty – Day 133

People that Matter…

There are a few people in life that matter..

Scratch that!

There are many people in life that matter and you are one of them!

How’s that? 

Because you are YOU! You are different than any one else, no one has your personality, your character. You are the one and only you!

Why are you writing about this? It’s not personal. 

As a matter of fact it is…

We live in a world where we spell out a persons life before they reach the age of 13. 

We quit letting people be dreamers and turn them into machines. 

Granted we do well in training and leading people in right paths, but sometimes we take a way the dreams. 

Statements like “Oh, you can’t do that” or “maybe that will come for you someday” crush the dreams of people.

By the way, dreaming is just not for the young, it’s for us older people too!

So what do we do? I really wish I had the answer, but here’s a thought.

Dream about something you want to do…write, sing, invent something. 

Let others know…uh, those that won’t crush you, but might offer constructive ideas.

Walk to your dream.. take your time…pursue.

Some things you will accomplish, some you will not, don’t stop. 

Keep dreaming my friends.

Till tomorrow…

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