The Road to Sixty – Day 135

The Road to Sixty – Day 135

A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

Sunday Night about 35 of the teens and adults went to see the “Mister Rogers” movie. 

I will not expound on it here, but I want to tell you what it reminded me of. 

Mister Rogers was one the few television shows I watched as a child. With 3 channels you didn’t get too much TV.  

Of course, everyone remembered Sesame Street. But what about “Zoom” and “The Electric Company” which starred a couple of young actors named Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno. 

They were great shows with education values. They taught morals and respect, especially in a day and time when there was much stress in our country. 

Maybe we will need to show those reruns….

Maybe we need a new Mister Rogers…

Till tomorrow…

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