The Road to Sixty – Day 137

The Road to Sixty – Day 137


Tuesday, we attended the funeral of a 98 year old christian brother. What a long, great life! Reading the life story and hearing the impact he left on a community and a legacy he left for his family was amazing.

From WWII to building a business that impacted hundreds if not thousands of people in his life span. An elder in the Lords church a quiet, spiritual leader. 

Respected…I watched the Honor Guard give their last salute to this veteran, holding flags to honor his service. I heard people express their love to a family that they loved. 

I witnessed a family show their love to a father, grandfather, great-grandfather. 

It was good to be there, many times you go to encourage others, yet you are the one who comes back encouraged.

 Afterwards, several of us went to a restaurant called “The Grind Mac and Cheeseburger” in Martin. I must say the burger and fries I had was awesome, but the desert was heavenly! The photo is of a “Banana Pudding Milkshake” I believe it explains itself. 

It was good to be with church family to serve church family.

Till tomorrow…

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