The Road to Sixty – Day 138

The Road to Sixty – Day 138

Wednesday – A Childhood Memory 

While at the visitation for Mom’s funeral in Alabama, I was approached by these two women. Lillian and Mary Ann. They are special people in my life. We literally grew up together.

Their mother Alice was a babysitter for me.  We literally grew up together. Now they were a little bit older than me so they treated me like a little brother.  We played together, laughed together and they looked after me. 

When they showed up for Moms funeral, I was brought to tears. It has been many years since our paths have crossed and we took the time to catch up, introduce my grandchildren to them.. (they said Mila Dean reminded them of me…insert BIG smile here) talk about loved ones that have passed. 

Just good memories…

So I was glad to see them this day. I could write many stories about those days and growing up together. 

Thank you Mary Ann and Lilian.

Till tomorrow…

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