The Road to Sixty – Day 140

The Road to Sixty – Day 140

Black Friday….

So today was my traditional go out for Black Friday Shopping…

With the changes in shopping over the years, (online) and everything opening on Thursday. I walked into a couple of stores they were not crowded, many of the sale items were still available. 

I have always looked for people while out. (i really don’t buy much) I love watching the excitement, the challenge, the effort. 

I missed that this year. 

Convenience has taken the place. Don’t get me wrong, I like the opportunity to get things online. I just think there was/is something special about putting your hand on the item you will purchase. 

A big plus is seeing people, some you know, some you don’t!

I’m sure I will keep shopping in my old fashioned way, so if you see me out, stop and talk to me for a minute, if you have the time.

I will take time for you.

Till tomorrow…

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