The Road to Sixty – Day 142

The Road to Sixty – Day 142

What I love to do…

It was a great day of worship at Spring Meadows! Many new guest (some travelers because of Thanksgiving) and a wonderful time of worship in song with Larry Arnold and of course the lesson from Dale…(He never disappoints.)

Occasionally I will the 5th grade and under to come down front for some “Mr. Jerry” time. It’s a five minute thought to put in their mind something from Gods word. 

We ask them to come down to the front just like you see in this photo. I get the up close view. I get to see their faces, the smiles, the laughter, a little fear from some of them. 

But what I love most is…

Their heart!

For God

For their family…just ask who has the greatest parents.

For each other

I pray they they will turn into what you see in the next photos!

A great group of teens that love the Lord and are excited about doing his work. Going to Youth Rallies and activities together. Bonding as Christians, loving to sing on a bus or van wherever they go!

I am so blessed to get to do what I love to do!

As the old song goes :”God has smiled on me, He’s been good to me”

Till tomorrow…IMG_5406.JPG

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