The Road to Sixty – Day 166

The Road to Sixty – Day 166


The Day after Christmas… back to work, catch those post Christmas sales, take back the fruitcake and…..


Of which I did none of the above save eating a ham sandwich. We did have a pleasant surprise with the Danae and Zach coming through Nashville with his family. So you don’t give up a chance to see the grandkids right?

Even for only a couple of hours it was great to visit with all of them. 

I have been doing a lot of reflecting recently as I have been going through some family items. Finding Dads discharge papers from the Army, High school diplomas and this shirt.

It’s just a shirt right? Well if you know me everything has a story. 

So here you go!

It was in March of 1979. I was home for Spring Break from Freed-Hardeman. I had spent the week visiting my Grandmama and Grandaddy Bittle. I had a great time being with them(they lived next door.) 

On Friday Morning I was to go to Huntsville Al. and bowl in a Jr. League National tournament. It was to be my last tournament to bowl in as an 18 year old. Mom had this jersey made for me especially for this event. 

However, I never wore it. 

You see after a great week with my Grandparents, especially Grandaddy, (I spent a lot of time with him) he passed away suddenly that Friday morning. My heart was broken. 

That has been now over 40 years ago. I found this jersey in the bottom of my closet while going through some things. Mom had put it away for safe keeping. 

While I still remember the pain of that day, I remember with joy the life that touched me through my Grandaddy. 

Thanks Mom for keeping this for me!

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