The Road to Sixty – Day 167

The Road to Sixty – Day 167

Making Plans…

With Christmas over and a New Year approaching, people are making their plans to welcome in 2020!

Going to the big cities for the crowds and parties.

Going to the small town activities with fireworks and their own brand of Times Square.

Going to homes to be with family and friends.

Going to bed and waking up the next day.

Ah…it’s already happening, resolutions are being made, goals are being set. The most famous phrase at this time of the year is “In 2020 I am going to…..” and fill in the blank.

There are apps to help you, reminders on TV and social media to encourage you. 

Oh, the promises will vary. 

“I’m gonna lose weight”

“I’m gonna be better with my finances”

“I’m gonna be kinder, more loving…etc.”

“I’m gonna start going to church”

and the list goes on.

I hope you are making plans…I am. 

I will be sharing those with you. 

Some involve you, some are personal.

All are for the glory of God.

I can’t wait to see your plans!

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