The Road to Sixty – Day 169

The Road to Sixty – Day 169

My Heart Sank – 

After a wonderful day of worship at Spring Meadows and a great lunch time with Andy and Susan Baker. I was on my way to the house when my phone went off.

Jerry, have you heard about the shooting?

Now that will make your heart sink. Quickly.

In a split second your mind wonders…who? when?

It was Texas where Britt Farmer preaches. His sister lives in Columbia.

At that moment, details were still sketchy.  I have been taught to assume nothing and wait for details (at this writing there are many things still unclear) all I know is two have passed away along with the perpetrator. 

In this Road to Sixty I have seen MANY things occur. Wars, famines, shootings, persecutions, terrorist activities.

But no more than any one before me or after me. 

You see, evil is here, there will be people doing bad things. 

Can it change?  I wish, I hope and pray that it will everyday.

So how does it change?

Love God – Love Man – Obey the Golden Rule

Good Wins!

There is so much more I would like to say and maybe I will one day. 

But this day I will pray that hearts will change. 

Till tomorrow…

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