The Road to Sixty – Day 171

The Road to Sixty – Day 171 

New Years Eve

It was a busy day of Walmart – Kroger – Target getting soft drinks, water, breakfast food, hats, horns, confetti and streamers.

You see it’s New Years Eve and I am prepping for my 37 annual Lock-in.

Yes i am one of the ones that still do those all nighters with around 60+ teens and adults.

Why? You may ask.

  1. I decided if a child was not going to be at home on this day, I would give them a safe to be. 
  2. If they were going to stay up ALL night, lets make it fun!
  3. It is fun being with the other chaperones!
  4. I get to be with some of the best young people in the world!

Yes, I will be tired and that’s okay… I will just look forward to the fun and the reflecting on the past year and setting my eye what is before me. 

Till tomorrow…

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