The Road to Sixty – Day 172

The Road to Sixty – Day 172

Happy New Year!

We finished up the 37th annual New Years lock in with about 70 teens and adults present. 

As I look to this year I have had several people ask me, “what are your goals? resolutions?”

As 2020 comes in I thought about what I would like to see. 

You might call it a dream.

These are in no particular order. 

  1. People really understanding what their responsibility to God is… I could write the book on this, but, it has already been written. Try reading it.
  2. Family responsibility. 
  3. Love the church. In fact help to build it.
  4. Look beyond self and look to others.
  5. Quit fighting about things that don’t matter…just quit.
  6. Try being positive, and if there is negativity…turn it.
  7. Don’t let Satan win the battles.
  8. Look for the open doors that lead you to a better life.

The people in this photo mean a lot to me. I love the goals in their lives. I love how they love the church. I love that they love each other. 

I love that they love the Lord!

Till tomorrow…

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