The Road to Sixty – Day 173

The Road to Sixty – Day 173

The New or the Norm

Tonight I resumed something that I had been doing for about 3 years. 

5 til 9 

What is it? Well it started out as a encouragement to end your Thursday evening and begin your weekend.

While it has still has that goal in mind like all things it has changed…evolved. 

So I took a hiatus from it when Mom got sick, I tried not too, and yes, you might think it was only 5 minutes, but it’s a lot more than that.

So I took the break. 

But now it is back….Is it new? Yes, there will be new topics, ideas and thoughts, but the norm is there.  

5 til 9 each Thursday night on Facebook live.

I am looking forward to other broadcast that will take place that you will want to watch.

The Garage Bible Study on Monday nights at 7pm.

Dale Jenkins at 5 AFTER 9 on Tuesday Mornings.

Also watch for messages that Dale and I will present periodically through the year.

And don’t forget to watch Dales Ministers and Mocha. 

One of the things I look forward to is having this opportunity to share God’s Word and the love of Jesus with you all.

While the avenue is the norm…Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo. I look forward to a new audience, new messages, new people falling in love with the Lord!

I hope you will watch and invite your friends to join.

Till tomorrow…

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