The Road to Sixty – 174

The Road to Sixty – Day 174

I Ain’t that Smart

Well, We were trying to get some things ready for the building…new signs in particular.

We have this one sign to hang…it’s huge, so Dale says, “let’s get the ladder!” 


So we grab the 8ft ladder and bring it out…

So Dale decides to go up the ladder because he is taller than me. 

He quickly comes down because he has a fear of heights.

So up the ladder I go.. 8ft ladder plus 5 ft 6in. Youth Minister….

Nope…it’s not gonna work!

Hey Jerry, I got an idea…

“Let’s put the ladder on a table!”

So I would have said sure 20 years ago.

Then he said “I won’t let you fall!”


So I said, sure let try it! 

So table out, ladder on top, Jerry on top of ladder and all of a sudden I hear Dale say…

“Jerry, hold real still for a moment!” 

At this moment, I’m thinking something is out of place, 

I turned and looked and there Dale was, taking a picture!


Well, it would have worked if the sign had held to the wall, but it didn’t. 

So we will call the professionals in to hang the signs!

But next time, 

I’m holding the ladder for Dale!

Till tomorrow…

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