The Road to Sixty – Day 175

The Road to Sixty – Day 175

Yes, Mila Dean turned 1 Saturday.

It was a very busy Saturday as we all made preparations for Mila Deans 

“Winter One derland” Birthday party.

Wow, has time flown by…

I know I will sound like every other person when I say that. 

Yes that little baby born just a little while back has now reached that one year mark.

I’m pretty proud of her. There are many things I love about her…Allow me to name a few!

Her smile will light up a room and also her Pops heart.

The love she has for her Minnie!

The way she laughs from the belly!

The way she picks up her food..finger and thumb neatly to the mouth…then misses mouth.

The way she loves her parents. 

She also loves her sissy!

Her eyes, they will cut you to the heart.

She reminds me of another little girl from a few years ago. Blonde hair and brown eyes that loved life in this world. 

Mila has made a lot of friends and she can flirt with the best of them.

I can’t wait to see what this year will bring! 

So Happy Birthday Mila Dean!  You make your Pop so proud!!

Till Tomorrow…

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