The Road to Sixty – Day 176

The Road to Sixty – Day 176

Let’s Start this year off ENGAGED!

That was the theme for our first Area-Wide of 2020!

Matt Cook came to Spring Meadows to deliver a wonderful lesson and challenge to over 500 young people on Sunday Night.

I love Matt, I love his passion for the Lord and His church! His knowledge for the word and compassion for people is amazing. 

But what about you…me?

Will we be more engaged with Jesus in this year? What will take our time?

School? Jobs? Sports? Band? 

How will you be more engaged with Jesus this year?

Will you be at worship? Bible Class? Youth Rallies? 

Will you serve? Not for just serving sake, but with a purpose. To show that you are engaged with Jesus in your life!

A woman will wear a ring on her hand to show that she is engage to the one she loves.

What do you show in your life that others will see that you are engaged to Jesus. 

People are looking, people want to know who you are following!

What will they see?

Who are you engaged with?

Till tomorrow…

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