The Road to Sixty – Day 190

The Road to Sixty – Day 190

9 years

It’s been a good day. Worship at Spring Meadows was wonderful and very uplifting. It was great to have last years Summer intern Jaret Yancey come in for a visit and then tonight the youth group all went out to see Dr. Doolittle together. 

All in all a good day. 

When I reflect on the past 9 years that Dad has been gone, there are many things I could say. The first would be…9 years? Really? 

Sometimes it feels like yesterday, many times feels like forever. There are so many things I miss. This year it multiplied. I have always had the discussions with Mom when this time of the year came around and yet now both of you are gone.

We press on…things change and new doors will open for new things. 

So, I take my moment to reflect, to close my eyes and hear your voice, to imagine the conversation with you and Mom. 

There is no doubt how much we miss you. Every time there is a football game a baseball game and the discussions we had about the Lords church. I miss those conversations and no one can replace them. 

You would be proud of the Great-Granddaughters. Mom’s name sake (Mila Dean) is now walking….yep it’s now time for payback to Danae. This child is fearless and she has a smile that will melt your heart. 

Well, Dad, I could ramble on for a long time, but, I need to rest.

I will write more later, I’m sure, but just wanted to let you know you are not forgotten, your heritage lives on and I really miss you a lot!

I love you..

Till tomorrow…

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