The Road to Sixty – Day 192

The Road to Sixty – Day 192

It’s not the people…It’s the car.

Dad loved Buicks. If I took the time to think about how many Buicks he owned it might take a while.

Well, the truth is, he wanted Mom to have a Buick. This is the first one I remember, a Buick Wildcat. That car was fast! I remember sitting in the drivers seat in Dad’s lap as he would let me “drive the car”. He would “punch it” and spin the tires and I would guide it down the road. 

There was this one trip, I was with Dad and we had been to Anniston, Al for business. We were on the way home and it was raining. Dad wasn’t speeding, but going down a hill we hydroplaned, sending the car into a spin. 

I remember looking at him turning the wheel back and forth eventually guiding the car into a driveway.  As we came to a stop, I looked at him and said, “that was awesome!”

not realizing we were in serious trouble. I just thought it was like a Tilt-a-Whirl ride! 

That old Buick held up. 

And we lived…

This is a photo of the car, with Mom, my sister and some little guy, with blonde hair! 

Till tomorrow…

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