The Road to Sixty – Day 194

The Road to Sixty – Day 194

I get the opportunity to work with the Spring Hill Fire and Police dept. on their CARE team. It is a response team that assist with the two departments in critical situations.

We have the opportunity to be listeners to the hurting, compassionate to those in pain. 

Basically we get to be the hands of feet of Jesus in a different way. 

I would love to say it’s a fun job….it’s not.

But if we can be there for someone who has lost a loved one, been injured and even for the Firefighters and Policemen. To hold the hand or let them hold on to you for comfort. Maybe just sit there in silence. 

I think of  what the Savior would do when I go into each situation. But I know that He is with me and will take care of me. My prayer is that I will be a light for others who need Him!

Till tomorrow…

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