The Road to Sixty – Day 199

The Road to Sixty – Day 199


Today was a fun day, of course a road trip with Dale Jenkins is always an adventure.  We were in the city of Cookeville and had lunch with a group of ministers and then later coffee with another group. 

The highlight of the day was spending some time with the man in this photo. Now i’m not going to say a lot about this…you will be hearing more later. 

But I will say this…This is a man that I have the utmost respect for the life he lives. I am in awe of his craftsmanship, (I could talk cars with him all day long). I am even more in love for his love for the church!

It was a joy to spend some time with him, learn from him, grow from listening to him. 

Thanks Sister Lipe for letting us have some time with Brother Lipe!

Till tomorrow…IMG_4089.JPG

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