The Road to Sixty – Day 200

The Road to Sixty – Day 200

165 days to go…

A mile marker day? 

The way I see it is that everyday is significant. Here is a checklist from my 200th day.

I got up.

I had my coffee.

I kissed my wife.

I had the best time with our preschool kids in Chapel talking about prayer.

I spent time at 2 assisted living places having a Bible Study.

I had lunch with my wife.

I spent some deep time in the Word.

I had Bible bowl practice with 30 of our youth group kids.

I had a great dinner of lasagna together.

I got to teach the teens in Bible class.

I watched as elders met and prayed for the Spring Meadows members and the work.

I sang Happy Birthday to Heidi and Jacobi! 

I will now pray before I rest.

I will kiss my wife goodnight!

It’s been an awesome day!

Till tomorrow…

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