The Road to Sixty – Day 201

The Road to Sixty – Day 201


Dale and I had the opportunity to spend a few hours at one of our favorite places…


So I had the chance to do one of my favorite things. 


I watched moms and their kids running in the playground. 

The managers talking about how to be better in their work.

I observed the smiles and yes even some deep thinkers.

I saw some heads that bowed in prayer. 

I even saw a little guy with an Alabama jacket on…He said “Roll Tide”

As I watched these things I could help but think, “are people looking at me?”

Are they listening to me? Watching what I do?

I hope so…

You see I want them to see me being kind, friendly, treating people nice.

I want them to see me praying. 

Being a light, being like Jesus.

So yes, I watch to see if people are living like Jesus, I also realize that there are people watching me. 

Thanks for helping me in this walk.

Till tomorrow…

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