The Road to Sixty – Day 202

The Road to Sixty – Day 202

Listen to the Music

Tonight I had the opportunity to go and hear the Williamson County Honor Bands. I had three from our youth group that was involved. 

It was amazing! 

While these students work very hard during the year, they have around 10 hours to learn 4 songs. 

Their lips are sore, their body’s are tired but the show was amazing. Young people from various schools working together, playing very difficult pieces of music and it looked like they had been playing forever together.

I got to thinking on the way home (i do that a lot) we gather together for worship and classes on Sunday and Wednesday. We come from different places, but we worship in harmony the one true God. 

As we have been edified and lifted up, we have the opportunity to go out and share the good news with the world. It’s not a rehearsal, it’s putting to practice what the Lord has commanded us to do!

Time to work for Him!!!

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