The Road to Sixty – Day 204

The Road to Sixty – Day 204


So they said that tonight was the Super Bowl…

I know there were a lot of people watching the game and the commercials. 

I’m not a big pro football fan, but I know people who are. So we gathered tonight and watched the game. 

After a great meal of BBQ and Pizza we began to “watch” the game. A lot of our little ones were running and playing, Teens were busy playing cards and games. The Young Adults were in their chairs having conversations about life…

Oh there were a few that were “watching” the game. 

Then came halftime…

As soon as the zeros hit the clock we shut the game off. We all came together to sing songs and watch a video that Dale and I did on Reminders. 

After the video we closed in prayer and turned on the game just to watch the kickoff for the second half.

I have heard and read many comments about the halftime show. I’m glad we chose to spend time focusing on God. I’m so blessed to be around people who love God!

Congrats to the Chiefs for winning the game. 

Here’s the link to the lesson Dale and I gave. Give it a watch if you wish.

Till tomorrow…

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