The Road to Sixty – Day 205

The Road to Sixty – Day 205

It’s a special place…

So today I’m back at a place that is special to my heart. 

It’s Lectureship week at Freed-Hardeman, the first full week of February.

For 41 years I have been at the Lectures. Beginning as a college student I have thoroughly enjoyed this event.

Being among fellow ministers and friends and seeing the college students thrills my soul.

If I begin naming names, I am sure that I would forget someone. So believe me I have seen many people on this the first day. 

I have been with my mentors, those who have shaped me and made me who I am today.  I was with my Horizons peers as we are planning for one of the BEST years of Horizons yet. (you should get registered) 

The joy I receive while being with others is sometime in the quiet moments. I spoke with a couple of people that have lost loved ones recently. It was my first time to see them. 

My heart hurts. There was much joy in seeing two young children that bring me joy each time I see them! 

The Lectures also fill me spiritually. Singing, studying and fellowshipping with those who love the Lord. 

Thanks God for a good day….

Till tomorrow…

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