The Road to Sixty – Day 206

The Road to Sixty – Day 206


I was blessed to be on a panel today at the FHU lectures about working at church camps. J.D. Schwartz, Matt Cook, Nick Jones, Mike Jones and Ryan Gallaher were on the panel. It was wonderful to exchange ideas and gain knowledge of how to make one of our best resources even better. Thank you Matt for allowing me to be a part of this. 

Hearing the passion of my brother Dan Winkler spiking of the Grace of God, touching the heart many.

Lunch with Chester Darden and his friend Terry was joined in with Dale Jenkins and Jeff Jenkins. Mike Johnson, Van Vansandt his son Van Henry and Richard McCaskill. 

Only a few will know this but this was almost a reunion of “The Ten” 

Hearing Dale and Jeff’s passion for ministry in Minister Therapy is always encouraging. But to watch Philip and Laura’s children watch their father and grandfather in the passion of their work thrills my soul!

Dinner with Anniston Butler, Logan Campbell, Jackson Scott and Hannah Grace Robinson was a pure joy. 

Closing the night with Coffee and Cupcakes with 5 future youth ministers to encourage them and be encouraged by them made a complete day. 

Seize the opportunities to live, love and give thanks to serve and grow in the kingdom!

God is good!

Till tomorrow…

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