The Road to Sixty – Day 207

The Road to Sixty – Day 207
The Impact
When you are at the Freed-Hardeman University lectureship you see people you may run across once a year. Some are twice. Some it is rare.
The saying is true…it’s like you have never been apart. Oh we will talk for hours about family, friends, cares and concerns. We will pray, we will share love and receive love from each other.

The fire builds brighter.

It’s makes us better fathers, teachers, ministers , servants…
Better christians!

The people I have been seeing mean a lot to me, whether young or old.
On this journey I have been trying to make a conscious effort to tell people what they mean to me and now just post it here. There are many things I have learned by doing this. I will write more about this later.
Today these are the people (and some more that are special to me)
Thank you for God for letting these people touch my heart and my life!
Till tomorrow…

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