The Road to Sixty – Day 208

The Road To Sixty – Day 208

It’s a wrap…

The last day of the Freed Hardeman lectures saddens me. It has been a wealth of knowledge that you take home with you. Challenges that inspire you to be better. 

I will miss the people. Some one ask me how many lectures did I attend. The answer is many. But I must also say that I planned time to be with ministers, youth ministers, college students. 

Why? It’s simple…to build each other up. 

To share our love.

To cry together. 

To laugh.

I have said it before…I am nothing in this life without the people around me.

I am everything I am because of these people. 

These people are the light of Jesus. 

Without Jesus I would not know ANY of these people. 

I thank God that He sent His Son so I can be with these people. 

I am thankful that these have influenced my life. 

PS. It snowed making it an official lectureship 

It’s good to be home.

Till tomorrow…

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